Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine

Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine

Product name:Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine



For accurately grinding/polishing silicon wafers, optical glass, ceramics, quartz-crystal and other semiconductor materials. And also used for other hard and fragile flat materials.

Main feature:
1. Equipped with high-powered transducer with the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, so realizing soft-start, soft-stop and so on. Timing is steady and impact is light.
2. Equipped with two motors. With wide speed regulation of sun gear, the equipment can meet the demand on grinding/polishing of different materials and different grinding/polishing technics.
3. Elevating sun gear and inner gear synchronously. It is easy to load or unload work-pieces and match carriers’ position of engagement.
4. The upper and lower grinding/polishing plates are driven with bevel gears. The machine runs smoothly.
5. PLC control. Closed-loop feedback control system makes sure the accurate pressure on the work-pieces. It is easy to set the accurate pressure. The machine operates easily and runs stably and reliably.
6. Equipped with Human-computer interface(PT) and PLC control. The machine can display the running status of the machine. Inputting running parameters through touch panel is allowed. Master operations are effected through primary buttons.
7. Take into consideration convenience of operation and maintenance.
8.Key bought-in components are from world famous manufacturers which makes sure the machines accuracy and reliability.

Main technical parameters:
1.Dimensions of grinding plates (mm): Ø1112× Ø380 ×50 mm
Dimensions of polishing plates (mm): Ø1149× Ø343 ×50 mm
2.Carrier specifications: (British system) Z=200 DP=12
3. Carrier quantity: 5
4. Diameter of work-piece (max.): Ø350 mm
5. Diameter of work-piece (min.): 0.40mm of Ø125 mm
6. Diameter of work-piece (max.): 30mm
7. Rotation speed of lower plate: 0~50rpm
8. Main motor: 11kw AC380V
9. Second motor: 1.5kw AC380V
10. Pump: AC380V 1/4HP
11. Air source: 0.5~0.6Mpa
12. Machine dimension (L×W×H): 2200mm×1600mm×2700mm
13. Machine weight: about 5600kg

Processing accuracy (after conditioning):
1. Parallelism of conditioning ring: 0.004mm
2. Parallelism of work-piece: 0.0035 for Ø125mm

Machine capacity:
One-carrier capacity: Ø85/17pcs; Ø100/8pcs; Ø125/5pcs
Diameter of work-piece and quantity (whole plate): Ø85/85pcs; Ø100/40pcs; Ø125/25pcs

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