Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine

Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine

Product name:Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine



For accurately grinding/polishing silicon wafers, optical glass, ceramics, quartz-crystal and other semiconductor materials. And also used for other hard and fragile flat materials.

Main feature:
1. The machine adopts the single arm structure, the main body adopts pack structure, rigidity is good.
2. The machine is mainly used for lapping & polishing flat materials on both sides of two parallel glass wafer and other mechanical spare parts with high accuracy. It is especially suitable for processing thin and fragile flat materials. As it adopts the anti-enforce restrict mode, the machine can prevent work-pieces from damaging during the process of lapping &polishing.
3. The pressure system of the machine divides into four stages pressuring. They are respectively light pressuring, moderate pressuring, heavy and condition pressuring. It is suitable for customers to lap & polish many kinds of parts.
4. The upper plate of the machine’s up, down, slow-up and slow-down are controlled by one handle, operator is convenient.
5. Using the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, the frequency conversion velocity modulation, the starting and the parking is steady, no impact.
6. The equipment uses the counting program control, also may use the timing program control. Therefore, one person may operate several equipments.
7. The machine uses the PLC control, the PT man-machine interface displays, the user may change between counting program and time program very conveniently.
8. Adopt gear drive method, the transmission is steady, the reliable is high.
Main technical parameters:
1. Specification of lapping plates:         Ø640mm*Ø235mm*30mm 
                             polishing plates:         Ø640mm*Ø235mm*30mm
2. Carrier parameter:      British system     Z=108  DP12  α=20°    
3. Carrier Quantity (max):                   5
4. Thickness of work-piece (Min):    0.20 mm
5. Thickness of work-piece(Max):     30mm
6. Diameter of work-piece(Max):       Ø150 mm
7. capacity: Ø75mm/20pcs, Ø50mm/40pcs
8.Rotation speed of lower plate:        0-60rpm
9. Air supply pressure:                0.4-0.6Mpa
10. Main motor :                     4kw - 5.5kw  AC380V  1460rpm
11. Overall dimension:      1300*850mm*2550mm
12.Weight:                              about 1800kg


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