Optical Glass

Optical Glass

Product name:Optical Glass

Item:Block and Blank


1) Optical Glass Type and Symbol
Type Symbol Type Symbol
Fluorin Crown FK Crown Flint KF
Light Crown QK Light Flint QF
Crown K Flint F
Barium Crown BaK Barium Flint BaF
Dense Crown ZK Dense Barium Flint ZBaF
Lanthanum Crown LaK Dense Flint ZF
    Lanthanum Flint LaF
    Dense Flint ZLaF
    Special Flint TF
2) Designation:
1.Ordinary glass designation:
Each optical glass type is designed by an abbreviated symbol and a number. In additional to our glass type designation, a six digital code is list in the catalogue. The first three- digitals indicate the three numbers after the decimal point of glass refractive index and the last three digitals indicate the Abbe-number, for example H-K9L nd=1.51680,vd=64.2,its code comes to be 517642.
2. Environmental glass designation:
The optical glass without Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium and other radioactive elements is expressed by a prefix ‘H-’ indicating. It is environment-friendly characteristics, for example H-K9L.
3. Low softening point glass designation:
Low softening point glass type without Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium and other radioactive elements is prefixed by an alphabet ‘D-’ indicating, for example D-K9L.
4. UV high transmittance glass designation:
UV high transmittance glass is prefixed by an alphabet ‘U’ as usual, which means ultraviolet, for example UQF50. High transmittance glass is expressed by a suffix ‘-HT’ indicating high transmittance, for example ZF7LHT.
3) Supply forms:
1. Blocks:
The two larger surfaces are fine ground while the other surfaces coarse ground. All the edges and angles are chamfered and the blocks are fine annealed.
2. Blank:
2.1 Direct-press blank: It is directed formed from melted glass, not fine annealed.
2.2 Reheated-press blank: It is formed by reheated-press process, and is fine annealed.


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