UV-VIS-NIR Spectro Photometer

UV-VIS-NIR Spectro Photometer

Product name:UV-VIS-NIR Spectro Photometer



It is a double beams spectro photometer,cover the whole spectrum range of UV-VIS-NIR and achieve continuous scanning of UV-VIS-NIR . It has a wide applications and can measure the characteristic absorption of solid / liquid samples in the UV-VIS-NIR .
The absorption / transmission or reflection spectrum of coating glass samples can be studied. The absorption spectrum of powder samples in the whole UV-VIS-NIR can be studied.
It is suitable for semiconductor, optical element, building materials, new materials and other industries. It is the most powerful spectrum analysis instrument.

1.Using the classic Czerny-Turner optical structure, high precision, good spectral resolution;
2.The design of double gratings and double receivers ensure advantage of covering the whole wave band of UV-VIS-NIR.
3.The receiver is imported, which ensures the high performance and stability of the instrument.
4.Using 55 × 55mm large grating, improve the light collection efficiency.
The Instrument (such as grating conversion, filter conversion, receiver conversion, wavelength scanning, etc.) is controlled by computer, the interface is USB2.0, and the instrument's connection is simple, greatly improving the communication speed.
6.The width of the slit is optional in 7 stages, respectively (0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.5nm, 1.0nm, 2.0nm, 3.0nm, 5.0nm). Users can choose according to their actual needs.
6. Software setup import function, which can import text format data.
7.Real-time measurement of sample data, the test results can be derived data.
8.Software can run in WINXP, 2000, WIN7 32-bit system.

Technical Data:
Light source:  Imported deuterium lamp, bromine tungsten lamp
Wavelength range: 190-2800nm
Working mode: Transmittance, absorbance, reflectivity, energy
Wavelength accuracy:  +/- 0.5nm (UV/VIS); +/- 8nm(NIR)
Wavelength repeatability:  0.3nm(UV/VIS);
Wave band width:  0.2nm-5nm (UV-VIS),1nm-20nm(NIR)
Transmittance accuracy:  +/- 0.3% T
Transmission repeatability:  ≤0.2 % T
Stray light : ≤0.2%T (220nm,NaI)
Sampling interval:  0.1nm,0.2nm,0.5nm,1nm,1.5nm,2nm,5nm,10nm
Luminosity range:  0.300~2.5A
Luminosity accuracy:  +/- 0.3%T(0-100%T)
Luminosity repeatability:  0.2% T
Baseline flatness:  +/-0.004A (200-2500nm,after preheating for 30 minutes)
Host interface:  USB2.0
Dimension:  (Appearance)830*600*260mm,(sample room)120*240*200mm
Sample specification: 30~110mm,thickness≤20mm
Weight:  Approximate. 65kg


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