Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine

Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine

Product name:Double Sided Grinding/Polishing Machine



For accurately grinding/polishing silicon wafers, optical glass, ceramics, quartz-crystal and other semiconductor materials. And also used for other hard and fragile flat materials.

Main feature:
1.Equipped with high-powered transducer with the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, so realizing soft-start, soft-stop and so on. Timing is steady and impact is light.
2.Equipped with two motors. The regulation of the center-gear’s speed and ring gear’s speed is wide. The adjustment of the techniques is convenient; the speed of 20 sets is able to adjust at the same processing.
3.The machine uses the PLC control, the PT man-machine interface display, introduce pressure feedback control system. The pressure-control is accuracy and steady. The same processing could set 20 steps of pressure. It will meet the customer’s require.
4.The design of the machine adopts the world’s newest equipment’s feature in structure, the way of transmission and movement. It absorbs the many customers’ successful experience in using. Improving the equipment’ accuracy and it is vailing for fixing and maintain. We considered the equipment’s reliability, practicability, interchangeable and operate conveniently.
5.We use the electric-valve to adjust the pressure, using the transducer to inspect the pressure of the work-piece. The signal is feed back to the control-unit to form the pressure close-control, the pressure control is accuracy.
6.The machine adopt 6 sets different technics that providing by customer to the operator.
7.The machine has the function that the grinding/polishing plate could weigh automatically for working with the setting of grinding/polishing pressure. It can eliminate the instability of pressure, for the the grinding/polishing plate’s abrasion. It guarantee grinding/polishing technics’ specification keep the same.
8.Key bought-in components are from world famous manufacturers which makes sure the machines accuracy and reliability.

Main technical parameters:
Specification of grinding plates: Ø927mm×Ø358mm×45mm
Specification of polishing plates: Ø933mm×Ø349mm×50mm (40mm)
Carrier specifications: DP12 Z=147 α=20°(British system)
Carrier Quantity: 6
The best size of work-piece Ø125mm/3pieces
Thickness of work-piece:
1. Thickness (Min) 0.20mm
2. Thickness (Max) 20mm
Rotation speed of lower plate: 0-60rpm
The high rev of sun gear 30rpm
The high rev of ring gear 4rpm
The effective journey of cylinder 450mm
Main motor : 7.5kw 1440rpm
The motor of sun gear and ring gear: 1.5KW 1400rpm
Overall dimensions: (L☓W☓H)1650mm☓1300mm☓2850mm
Weight: about 3000kg


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