Double Sided Lapping & Polishing Machine

Double Sided Lapping & Polishing Machine

Product name:Double Sided Lapping & Polishing Machine



Mainly used for high-precision double-sided lapping and polishing of optical glass, sapphire, ceramic, crystals, semiconductors, and other hard and brittle materials.Especially for the processing of ultra-thin workpieces.

Main feature:
1.Precision pressure control: PLC+PT+electrical proportional valve+tension sensor+low friction cylinder, achieving high-precision pressure control. 
2.Upper plate damping device: vibration damping elastic connection method suitable, ensuring the smoothness of high-speed rotation of the upper plate.(Lapping)
3.Upper plate centering device: It achieves flexible floating of the upper plate, so as not to cause harm to the processed products during the start stop stage. (Polishing)
4.Upper plate anti falling device: mechanical locking and bearing unloading double safety hooks, locking more reliably after the upper plate is raised, with high safety.
5.High precision speed control: Using PLC and human-machine interface self programming to achieve low-speed smooth and synchronous start stop operation control. 
6.Precision transmission system: High precision small backlash full gear transmission, key gears are treated with carburization, and the transmission is smooth and vibration free
7.Lower plate support: high-precision flat bearing support, improving equipment accuracy and smooth operation; Automatic oil pressure detection alarm, avoiding oil-free operation.
8.Maintenance free: automatic centralized lubrication device.
9.Whole machine vibration reduction: Anti vibration structural design makes the equipment more stable. 

Technical Data:
1. Lower plate:  size: Ø950*Ø390*50mm (Lapping); Ø960*Ø380*50mm (Polishing)
                         speed: 3 - 45rpm
                         drive motor: 7.5kw
2.Upper plate:   size: Ø950*Ø390*50mm (Lapping); Ø960*Ø380*50mm (Polishing)
                          speed: 3 - 30rpm
                          drive motor: 4.0kw
3.Carrier:          parameter: Z=147 DP12 α= 20 °
                         quantity: 6
4.Sun gear:      speed: 0-20rpm
                        drive motor: 1.5 kw
5.Slurry supply device: pump motor 120w
                         volume: 25L
6.Precision:      lower plate end face runout ≤ 0.02mm
                        flatness of upper and lower plates ≤ 0.02mm
                         sun gear diameter jump ≤ 0.15mm
                        ring gear diameter jump ≤ 0.20mm
7.Processing scope: Max. Ø280mm
                         Min. thickness: 0.15mm (2 " wafer )
                        Capacity: 18*6=108 pcs (2 " wafer)
8.Power: 14 KW
9.Dimensions: (L*W*H) 1650*1300*2500mm
10.Weight: about 3000 KG

Note: The motors are all frequency controlled, and the lower plate and gear ring share the same motor.


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Double Sided Lapping & Polishing Machine
Double Sided Lapping & Polishing Machine

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