Glass Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Glass Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Product name:Glass Cylindrical Grinding Machine



For cylindrical grinding glass,ceramic,crystal,silicon,magnetic rod and other brittle materials.

1.The machine adopts high-speed rotating diamond cup wheel and low-speed (stepless) rotating workpiece spindle,using one stepper motor to make longitudinal feed.  
2.Except the loading/unloading glass blank and cross traverse feed are manual operation, the longitudinal table feed and diamond cup wheel/ workpiece spindle rotating are automatic operation. 
3.The cup wheel/ workpiece spindle rotating, longitudinal table feed, coolant liquid supply and machine stop working are all automatic. It is with high efficiency for middle/ mass production.This machine is with a fog absorbing device. 
4.Based on the use of precision casting mold and two times to removal stress. The guide rails are high precision and stability.
5. The turning angle processing way of grinding wheel is high efficiency and good stability.
6.The stepper motor drives ball screws to make worktable right/left moving.It can realize micro feed.It is high precision and convenient. 
7.The speeds of workpiece spindle is frequency.It is conversion controlled.The adjustments are direct and convenient.
8. Positioning tailstock is lengthened and widened. The support area between bed and tailstock is enlarged. Since the tailstock is without front and back moving, it ensures the tailstock to move any position. After locking the tailstock, the precision locking does not change at the same time.

Technical Data:
Working range:   workpiece diameter (or diagonal):  10mm - 240mm
                            workpiece length:    Max.300mm
Workpiece spindle speed: 20-140rpm (stepless)
Workpiece spindle motor: 400w
Grinding spindle speed: 8400rpm
Grinding spindle setting angle: Max.45 °
Diamond wheel diameter: 75mm
Grinding spindle  motor: 750w
Worktable speed (workpiece feeding speed): 10-1000mm/min
Worktable motor: 660w
Colant pump motor: 90w
Fog absorbing motor: 120w
Power Requirement: 2.06KW
Space Requirement: 1400×1000×1200mm
Weight: 1300kg

The machine can be designed and produced according to buyer’s requirements.

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