Four Spindles Lens Lapping & Polishing Machine (spindle inclining)

Four Spindles Lens Lapping & Polishing Machine (spindle inclining)

Product name:Four Spindles Lens Lapping & Polishing Machine (spindle inclining)



For grinding and polishing spherical / plane surface of optical glass, quartz glass, crystal, electrical elements and other brittle materials.

1.Each main spindle and each swing frame are driven independently and are infinitely variable,speeds show on digital display.
2.Main spindles can be adjust to incline from 0º to 30º.It can adapt different curve of lens.
With maximum inclination of 30º,this machine is best for polishing lens of high D/R.
3.Size and position of the eccenter stroke are easy to adjust.
4.Each working pressure is produced by adjustable pneumatic,pressure shows on pressure gauge.
5.Each timer controls the working time.It realizes automatic production.
6.Coolant or polishing slurry circulates to feed in one tank.

Technical Data:
Lens / block diameter: Ø30--200mm
Workpiece curvature: +/-R50 to plane
Number of spindles: 4 (control independency)
Swing style: line motion in plane surface
Spindle connection: M27 or User
Spindle positioning circle diameter: Ø30mm or User
Spindle speed: 200- 1200rpm (stepless)
Spindle inclining angle: 0º to 30º.
Swing frame swing frequency: 0 - 45 times/min (stepless)
Pressure:pneumatic 0.1 - 0.6Mpa (stepless)
Spindle motor: 4pcs* 0.75kw
Swing frame motor: 4pcs* 0.37kw
Swing frame reducer: 4pcs
Pump motor: 0.12kw
Heater: 1kw
Power Requirement: 5KW
Space Requirement: 2000*1350*1600mm.
Weight: approx.900kg

Note: The machine can be designed and produced according to buyer’s requirements.

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