Sphere Center Lapping & Polishing Machine

Sphere Center Lapping & Polishing Machine

Product name:Sphere Center Lapping & Polishing Machine



For high speed sphere center lapping and polishing sphere lenses (convex/concave) as single or multiple blocks.

1. Accuracy of spherical center principle (height of accuracy spherical center 160mm).
The swing frame center coincides with tool’s curvature radius center.The pressure directing tool’s curvature radius center all the time. The precision of tool is not easy to change.
2. Two spindles and two swing frames are controlled individually.It can process different curvature lenses at the same time.
3. Main spindle is infinitely variable,speeds show on digital display.
4. Pressure is produced by adjustable pneumatic with automatic conversion system of initial pressure-high pressure-low pressure,pressure shows on pressure gauge.
Handle valve is easy to load or unload pressure on the lens fixture.
5. Timer controls the working time.It realizes automatic production.
6. After working end,swing frame will stop at the back for easy removal and install the lenses.
7. Add Speed jog and Rocker jog two buttons.Easy to adjust spindle and rocker(swing frame).
8. Coolant or polishing slurry circulates to feed in one tank.
9. High productivity lapping & polishing machine for mass production.

Technical Data:
Technical Data:
Working range: R +/- 30 to 100mm
Tool diameter: Max.Ø200mm
Lens diameter: Max.Ø190mm
Number of spindle: 2 (independent). 
Spindle screw: M27
Spindle Speed: 100 to 1000rpm (stepless)
Spindle motor: 2pcs*0.75KW
Swing frame swing frequency: 20 times/min
Swing frame motor: 2pcs*0.25KW
Swing angle: 0° to 45°
Pressure (pneumatic): 6 to 24kg
Cooling style: Inner and outer spray
Slurry heater: 1.5KW
Space requirement: 1200*1400*1200mm
Weight: approx.800kg.

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